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Sol Spaces are prefabricated living structures that are easily scalable and can fit within any environment. The concept behind Sol Spaces is to provide living spaces that are easily constructed and use alternative energy as a power source. Sol Spaces can be used for backyard studios, year-round greenhouses, or fully functional living spaces.

Sol Spaces removes the complexity of incorporating alternative energy. Our living spaces are designed to be easily constructed with its self-contained power source built right into the structure. 

Exceed Solar is comprised of individuals who are passionate about our environment and want to have a meaningful impact on our planet by promoting alternative energy and sustainable living.

Our goal is to help redefine the way society views housing, moving from large, energy consuming structures to sustainable, self contained living spaces that leverage the natural energy of our environment. That’s why we refer to our structures as Sol Spaces.

In providing Sol Spaces, our objective is to enable anyone to experience the freedom of sustainable living, from our backyard Garden Suite, which balances space with greenhouse capacity, to larger Sol Spaces that are self contained living environments that can be located virtually anywhere.

Our objective: “We believe in providing people the freedom of harnessing natural energy by redefining approaches to traditional living spaces.”



The enormous challenges faced by the threat of global climate change have motivated entrepreneurs and innovators to find solutions to our energy needs. Like us, these innovators see alternative energy as an answer to the growing environmental degradation caused by burning fossil fuels.

Exceed Solar is dedicated to making sustainable living the standard. Our

Sol Spaces are an example of what can be achieved by leveraging exciting new technologies in solar energy, biofuels, water retention and recycling.

Among our top objectives is to share the liberating experience in cutting ties with traditional energy suppliers and living an independent life that is governed by sustainability. The technology now exists to make this happen, and providing people around the world with alternative energy options that reduce their reliance on depending on third party power generation.

Lastly, we understand the immediate need to change lifestyles so that we can live within the balance of our beautiful environment. Making an impact is incumbent upon all of us to preserve the natural environment for future generations.




FEBRUARY 7th, 2018

MARCH 21, 2018



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