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According to the 2016 Census, Indigenous peoples are the fastest growing segment of the Canadian population. Compared to the rest of Canada, they grew four times more than the non-Indigenous population, accounting for a 42.5% growth rate since the 2006 Census. In the next 20 years the Indigenous community is anticipated to exceed 2.5 million people.


The Census also showed that one in five Indigenous peoples lived in a dwelling in need of major repair, with on-reserve housing being even worse. In fact, over 40% of homes on reserves need major repairs compared to 7% in non-Indigenous households.


On-reserve housing situations vary from community to community. While some communities do have an adequate supply of good quality homes, many do not. If you live in the North or on a First Nations Reserve, chances are that you are living in a house with up to 16 people.


Given that housing levels for Indigenous peoples has reached a crisis point, Exceed Solar sees an opportunity to make a positive impact. The Company has partnered with industry experts to create fully sustainable, energy efficient, living spaces that can meet the needs of Indigenous housing. Our “Sol Spaces” have been designed to both reduce the carbon footprint of typical structures and to utilize available renewable energy from the sun using PV solar panels.


Unlike traditional housing that have been built in these communities in the past, Exceed Solar takes a different approach by leveraging new sustainable technology and moving away from stick frame construction.


Considering the heritage of Indigenous peoples and the demand for new sustainable housing, Exceed Solar is well positioned to introduce its Sol Space structures to these communities in order to address the critical housing shortage. Exceed Solars’ strategy in Indigenous initiatives is to provide individual Sol Spaces scalable up to fully sustainable communities.


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