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Exceed Solar to display high tech, solar powered living spaces to millions of shoppers

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, July 16, 2018 – Exceed Solar is set to unveil its solar-powered living spaces at Southgate Centre in October 2018 as its guests will be treated to an inside look at what the future of living and grow spaces look like.

Exceed Solar, which specializes in backyard solar applications branded under the name “Sol Spaces”, has signed an agreement with Southgate Centre, one ofCanada’s most successful shopping centres, to display the Company’s high tech garden suite on the northwest parking lot. The Company’s solar-powered greenhouse will be exhibited inside the shopping centre and will feature, among other things, a living wall.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with Southgate Centre to expose our product to millions of shoppers within our target demographic,” said Stanton Pawchuk, cofounder of Exceed Solar. “The popularity of backyard garden suites continues to increase substantially, so our timing could not be more perfect.”

“At Southgate, we are excited to feature Exceed Solar in showcasing solar-powered technologies.  This is a great opportunity for our guests to learn more about backyard solar applications and how you can integrate renewable energy into your living spaces.”  says Vivian Wagner, General Manager, Southgate.

Southgate Centre is among the top 5 shopping malls in Canada for sales per square foot, and is located in an affluent area of Edmonton with a strong appeal to professionals and young families. Annually the shopping centre draws approximately 8.9 million visitors.

These demographics line up perfectly with Exceed Solar’s target market, particularly with the popularity of backyard applications such as garden suites and solar greenhouses. Municipal bylaws and regulations are now aligned with this growing market making it even easier for people to implement.

“Even as a rental suite, the backyard garden suite provides a significant return on investment,” explained Pawchuk. “However the flexibility for these living spaces is impressive, and can range from extra office space to artists studios and guest suites.”

Inside the shopping centre under a themed dome area will be the solar powered greenhouse, which is becoming increasingly appealing as food costs rise and consumers express more and more concern about genetically modified foods. The solar greenhouse has its own power source using 1 kWh of solar energy.

While the market for smaller homes, often termed tiny homes, is growing, Exceed Solar is taking a different approach to both renewable energy and living spaces. Each Sol Space is energy audited to maximize efficiency and to reduce the cost of solar power. In order to achieve scalability, the Company has used structural insulated panels as opposed to stick frame construction. This enables Exceed Solar to scale its solution to larger applications such as residential homes and recreational properties.

Exceed Solar is currently constructing the prototypes for the Southgate project and will be launching them on October 1, 2018 at the shopping center with an official ribbon cutting.


Exceed Solar leverages cutting edge building technologies to create fully sustainable, energy efficient, highly engineered living spaces. These “Sol Spaces” have been designed both to reduce the carbon footprint of the structures and to utilize available renewable energy from the sun via PV solar panels. Sol Spaces are easily installed and highly scalable, from backyard garden suites to solar powered greenhouses to fully sustainable recreational and residential homes. Our company objective is to exceed your expectations of what’s possible.


John Putters

Ph: 587-985-2601

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