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Solar power brings backyard living spaces and greenhouses to life.

Edmonton, Alberta, February 7, 2018 – The future of solar powered living spaces got significantly brighter today after upstart alternative energy company Exceed Solar unveiled its first energy efficient

backyard Greenhouse and Garden Suite.

The two products, which are designed using state of the art green technology, are the first in a suite of

smaller, more functional living spaces the company is developing under its brand, Sol Spaces.

The modular nature of these living spaces provides enormous flexibility in their use, from backyard offices, guest suites, or artists’ studios, to the functional greenhouse option which vastly increases the

capacity to grow fresh food all year round.

Each Sol Space is attached to an 8 x 12 power module that stores the technical components of the living space, which essentially acts as a backyard power bank. Once connected to the grid, these backyard solar-powered modules will not only supply energy to the Sol Space, but offset energy used

in the main residence.

“Our goal is to introduce people to the concept of alternative energy by providing functional, practical and affordable spaces that can be used in virtually any environment,” explained Exceed Solar cofounder Stanton Pawchuk. “The Garden Suite and the Greenhouse both meet these standards, and

we are excited to introduce them to the alternative energy market.”

Due to its modular design, the living spaces can be configured to meet virtually any demand. The Sol Spaces can either be grid tied to provide additional power, or equipped with batteries and bio generators for more remote locations. In the latter case, the company can provide affordable,

modular housing for remote communities and recreational properties.

“Exceed Solar wants to disrupt traditional housing by introducing living spaces that can meet any demand,” explained Pawchuk. “By incorporating sustainable technology in our designs we have

achieved this objective.”

Another goal identified by Exceed Solar in developing the new concepts is ease of use. The living spaces are designed to be easily and quickly constructed and remove the complexity of solar energy

by providing a plug and play solution in the set up.

EXCEEDSOLAR.COM Ph: 587-926-3879 Email: 8634 -53 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T6E 5G2

“The ability to construct these spaces in any environment was crucial to our design process,” said Pawchuk. “For disaster situations these Sol Spaces are the perfect solution, providing instant shelter

and power to those affected.”

The Greenhouse module is 12 x 12 and comes with an 8 x 12 power module for the solar energy components, making the entire structure 240 square feet, which is perfect for backyard or rural applications. The Garden Suite is 360 square feet with a loft and can also be easily built in a backyard

or rural setting.

The Garden Suite and Greenhouse modules are available for preorders and the full roll out of the product is expected in the spring of 2018. More information on Exceed Solar products, including

design renders, are available on our web site at


Stanton Pawchuk, Cofounder

Ph: 587-926-3879

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