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Solar Company Rewrites Rules on Sustainable Living

Edmonton, Alberta, October 5, 2017 - The devastating effects of climate change witnessed most recently by the increasing intensity of tropical hurricanes is prompting innovators like Exceed Solar to take action.

The Alberta-based company recently launched its web site ( and an entirely new and innovative approach to sustainable living.

Branded as Sol Spaces, Exceed Solar is soon to unveil functional, modular-style living spaces with alternative energy solutions already built in. From backyard studios to larger living spaces the company has combined technology with the growing trend toward more sustainable housing.

Sol Spaces are powered using solar energy and are easily assembled using bio structured insulated panels that fit together in modular fashion. This enables customers to purchase exactly the right amount of living space required in combination with the right amount of energy needs.

"Our objective is to redefine how people see sustainable living spaces using the most advanced clean energy strategies available," said Stanton Pawchuk, cofounder of Exceed Solar.

"We want to move away from the large energy consuming homes of the past and toward sustainable spaces that leverage the latest technology," added cofounder Elliott Putters.

Along with solar energy, Sol Spaces also feature new technology for heating and water use, including built in water retention systems. The company's objective is to provide fully sustainable living spaces that can be located in virtually any environment.

Exceed Solar launched its web site on October 2, 2017 and is soon to unveil designs for its innovative Sol Spaces. The company is dedicated to empowering people by sharing the freedom of natural energy.


Stanton Pawchuk, Cofounder

Ph: 587-926-3879

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