Sol Spaces are homes, studios, offices, garden suites, and greenhouses beautifully made and suitable to any environment. Built-in alternative power sources combine with durable and innovative construction to offer scalable, self-sustaining spaces for work, play, and day-to-day life. The result is a beautiful space that redefines conventional approaches to homes, backyard suites, and greenhouses.


Energy audited, Sol Spaces are optimized to reach high-efficiency targets and designed to offset energy usage and even reach net-zero living. When compared to conventional wood-frame and fiberglass construction, Sol Spaces offer reduced moisture levels, improved insulation and reduced heat loss, increased air quality, and cost-saving independence from mainstream power suppliers. Even when you are not using your Sol Space it is still generating energy, offsetting what you would normally consume!


Garden Suites

In urban areas, Garden Suites are a form of development that promote social, environmental, and economic sustainability. They are smaller, secondary homes that are detached from the main residence also known as Garage Suites, Laneway Homes or Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s). As opposed to tiny homes, they typically range between 325 to 800 square feet and include their own kitchen, bathroom, sleeping and living space. Garden Suites can suit a variety of needs, either to increase living or recreational space, allow for additional rental income, a guest suite or even as a retirement suite.


Our Sol Space Garden Suites are a solar powered paradise. Fully scalable and perfect for any urban backyard or rural application. Starting at 336 square feet, with an additional 104 square foot loft, each unit can be scaled larger as desired. Equipped with a fully customized solar system installed by professionals, your Garden Suite will have you producing your own green energy!


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Sol Spaces

Exceed Solar is proud to introduce a new way of building homes. A collaboration of industry experts and you, the customer, paves the way to creating the perfect home. Start the process with a free consultation and we can help design your energy efficient home today.




This here is our 1,056 square foot “Gemini Suite” project to be located in beautiful Fairmont, B.C. Designed with the latest in building technology, the home is energy audited and engineered to reach net-zero, powered by solar energy.

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The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse is a beautifully designed, fully functional greenhouse. Using state of the art Structural Insulated Panels, or SIPs, the Greenhouse is designed with an insulated north wall, capable of housing a unique variety of vertical gardens and living walls. Complete with polycarbonate panels, and 12’x12’ of growing space, The Greenhouse will have you growing greener for longer.

Are you in need of lights in your Greenhouse? Looking to add a water feature or hydroponics system? Getting too hot and need extra ventilation? Not a problem, upgrade to our Solar Greenhouse and experience the luxury of power in your backyard.


All contained in the 12’x8’ potting room addition, the Solar Greenhouse offers more space and a convenient solar energy solution. It’s simply plug and play!

Plus... Coming Soon!

Legalization in Canada is right around the corner! For all the marijuana enthusiasts, Exceed Solar has designed a solar powered greenhouse tailored specifically to growing your own supply!

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Energy Freedom – Perhaps one of the most fulfilling accomplishments in going solar is the freedom to generate and consume your own clean energy.

Sustainable Living – Utilizing the ability to grow organic foods in your own backyard, not only saving money but also saving the carbon footprint of transporting fruits and vegetables over long distances.

Practicality – The power of solar energy is immense, and harnessing this energy is both practical and economical.

Return on Investment – Alternative energy is becoming increasingly affordable, enabling people to leverage an endless supply of natural energy for living spaces, multi-use, or greenhouse gardening.

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